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Mother Care - Nursing - At Chennai


• House Mothers are responsible for the welfare and well-being of students within the boarding house and aim to provide a caring, safe and happy environment.
• A House Mother has the role of being a maternal influence for the boys in boarding. She is responsible for ensuring that they keep the House and their bed space tidy. She is also responsible for ensuring that the boy’s uniforms are in a state of good repair.
• The House Mother undertakes basic duties to assist the Head of Director of Boarding in the daily routines involving the care of students and general functions of the boarding house.
• It is important to observe that as the House Mother resides overnight (on her shift –weekly HM only), she is in contact with all the boarders and can often be the first to notice a boy who is homesick, has relationship problems, is disorganised, lacks basic
hygiene or is not himself. If the Boarding House is a safe and caring environment it will be in no small part due to the role of the Housemother.
• House Mothers need to know the boys in their care and be approachable so the students know that they have access to a female within the boarding community. They will often find themselves being trusted with information from students. They must
abide by mandatory reporting requirements and ensure that they are as approachable as possible.
• As a House Mother you are there to support the students.

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