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Baby Care - Nursing - At Chennai

Baby care:

Responsible for supervising, nurturing, and caring for children typically from ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, before the child enters kindergarten. Welcomes children each day, provides meals, performs crafts and activities, changes diapers, and ensures children behave well when in contact with other children.

Primary responsibilities

  • Nurture and care for children while parents are at work or school.
  • Supervise older children before and after school.
  • Provide nutritious meals.
  • Wipe hands and mouth before and after meals.
  • Perform good hand-washing techniques for disease and infection control.
  • Organize activities and implement curricula that stimulate children's physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth.
  • Bathe, dress, and feed children.
  • Wash clothes and clean rooms.
  • Prepare bottles and change diapers.
  • Ensure children have adequate supplies from home, such as diaper cream and diapers.
  • Prepare children for school.
  • Provide for a child's basic needs.
  • Comfort children when they are crying.
  • Determine cause of distress.
  • Report behavior to parents each day.
  • Schedule conferences to discuss a child's needs.
  • Make suggestions for things parents can work on at home.
  • Recruit parent volunteers to work with the children and participate in administrative decisions and program planning.
  • Prepare daily and long-term schedules of activities.
  • Supervise children while they are playing outside or on a playground.
  • Take children on field trips.

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