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Post-Operative Support - Nursing - At Chennai

Post-Operative Support:

The post-operative Nurses play a crucial role before, during and after surgery. Once the procedure is over, it’s usually the surgical nurses, also called perioperative nurses, who ensure that the patient is stable.. After the patient is transferred  perioperative nurses care for him.

1. Responsible for patient’s admission and pre-operative care; holistic preparation for surgery, considering all needs, including pre-operative education, escort/family members, psychosocial needs, utilizing preference cards, and acting under established protocols, practices, and standing orders.
2. Coordinates pre-operative lab work required for individual patients, documenting and reporting pertinent results.
3. Responsible for the patient’s post-operative care and stabilization; holistic preparation for return to the home environment, considering all needs, including post-discharge care, escort/family members, educational and psychosocial needs, utilizing preference cards and acting under established protocols, practices, and standing orders.
4. Performs thorough and accurate continual patient assessment, anticipating potential problems and reporting pertinent assessments to the anesthesiologist, supervisor, and/or surgeon appropriately.
5. Documents actions in medical record completely and accurately in a timely manner.
6. Keeps safety of patient, self, and others a primary concern at all times; acts appropriately in an emergency situation.
7. Acts as discharge nurse when assigned, giving holistic and thorough discharge education.
8. Demonstrates good nursing knowledge base and rationale for actions, including cardiac monitoring.
9. Supervises and directs, as delegated, the activities of non-professional personnel.
10. Utilizes equipment and supplies effectively and efficiently, assisting with stocking, replenishing, and preparation of supplies.
11. Performs other related duties as assigned by supervisors.

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