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Renal (kidney) Function Test-2 (RFT Mini) - Lab Tests - At Chennai

Renal (Kidney) Function Test - 2 (RFT Mini)


Renal Function Test Mini is the basic screening test that gives you a overall picture of your kidney function. Certain Blood and Urine tests determine how well your kidneys are functioning and are called as Kidney Function Tests. Kidneys balance the amount of water and salts in your body and effectively filters blood and eliminates waste products. Moreover, Kidneys also play a role in the production of Vitamin D, Red Blood Cells and hormones that regulate blood pressure. Diabetics are prone to Kidney disorders and these tests are particularly useful to diabetic patients and patients with high BP. Undergo preventive screening to ensure that your kidneys are functioning optimally.




Test Components

Ca, P, Alkaline Phosphatase-Total, DPDa

Sample Requirements

3 ml of serum, 20 ml of spot urine

Dosege CBC & Urine Routine: CBC & Routine Urine Analysis are important and effective screening tests that provides a host of information regarding your overall health BUN & Creatinine: As kidney fucntion deteriorates, your Blood Urea Nitrogen levels & Creatinine levels go up. First line test ordered by doctors to assess kidney function. Proteins: Kidneys filter the blood and restore the proteins back in the blood. Proteins cannot pass through the glomeruli which is the filtering unit of the kidneys. Excess proteins in urine suggests a kidney disorder.

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