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Diabetes Complications Assessment - Lab Tests - At Chennai

Diabetes Complications Assessment


Diabetes Complications Assessment makes sure whether you are suffering from Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.  There are certain complications that you may face that arises from the condition. This package allows you to keep your complications under control.

Why do i need to identify the Type of Diabetes?

Over time, diabetes can lead to serious problems with your blood vessels, heart, nerves, kidneys, mouth, eyes and feet. These problems can lead to an amputation, which is surgery to remove a damaged toe, foot or leg, for example.

Both types of diabetes greatly increase a person’s risk for a range of serious complications. Although monitoring and managing the disease can prevent complications, diabetes remains the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure. Determining which type of diabetes is present allows for early treatment with the most appropriate therapy to avoid complications from the disease.




Test Components

D3 hydroxybutarate, Creatinine, Microalbumin- creat ratio, ferritin, lipid profile-2, CBC, FBS, PP

Sample Requirements

3 ml of EDTA whole blood, 3 ml of serum, 2 ml of flouride plasma (F, PP), 10 ml of spot urine
Dosage D3 hydroxybutarate tests for ketones or ketone bodies which is most frequently seen with type 1 diabetes patients. Positve correlation has been established in type 2 diabetics with high levels of serum ferritin which is associated with development of metabolic syndrome and could also possibly lead to diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy and vascular dysfunction

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