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Allergy Test - Lab Tests - At Chennai

Allergy Test


Do you sneeze often? Do you break out in to rashes? Unexplained cough when season changes. This could be an Allergic reaction and allergies could be serious.

Allergy is a malfunction of the human immune system. It causes an adverse reaction against normally harmless substances in our natural environment. Gone are the days where you have to undergo the anxiety and pain with the prick needle test. No more needles. Just a one time simple allergy test to determine your root cause of allergy. The best way to defend against allergy is to get checked from the variety of panels offered by Metropolis. Metropolis offers allergy test screening by ImmunoCAP system, which can be safely done even with adverse skin condition & in pregnancy.

Allergy blood tests detect and measure the amount of allergen-specific antibodies in your blood. When you come into contact with an allergy trigger, your body makes antibodies against it, called allergens. The antibodies tell cells in your body to release certain chemicals. These chemicals are what cause allergy symptoms. Allergy blood tests usually screen for at least 10 of the most common allergy triggers, including dust, pet dander, trees, grasses, weeds, molds, etc. related to where you live. They are also particularly helpful in diagnosing food allergies.




Test Components Phadiatop tests that sceeens for 700 different allergens causing 98% of alllergies

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